Top 5 Best android apps of November 2018

Here are the best top 5 android apps of November 2018.

1. Edge Mask Music

Edge mask Music

The first app is edge mask music. And it’s a pretty funky app. So what it does is, every time you’re playing any kind of music, it detects that automatically, and then it gives you nice lighting effect along the edges of your phone. And obviously, the app understands that you don’t want this effect for each and every app that plays music, or any kind of media. So you can switch that off.

Now there are a bunch of controls that you can play around with, for example, you can change the color of the lighting. So if you want a solid light, or you want like gradient, you can choose both the colors. And you can set whichever you like.

2. Daywise


So the second app has to do with productivity. And you are not going to like it, because it’s going to make you do something that you don’t want you like it or not.

When you’re constantly being troubled by notifications, and your productivity is going down. But if you could move those notifications to arrive in specific intervals, trust me, it’s going to help.

So the app does create those intervals for you basis, which is 8am, 12pm, 5pm, and 10pm. But you can edit that basis how your day goes. And when would you like to receive the bunch of notifications. And once you do that your apps are segregated as those from which you will instantly receive notifications, and some that are batched, which means you will only receive notifications from those apps in those time intervals. And you can always remove some apps that are categorized as instant into batches.
So for example, I know that WhatsApp is one of those apps that really troubles me all the time. So I could just hit direct messages on WhatsApp and make it as batch. So they come at those intervals. And it does not really interfere with my day to day productivity at work or otherwise. And whenever you want to check all those notifications, you could just go into the app hit inbox, and it would have all of those listed right over here.

3. Fluid Navigation Gestures

Fluid Navigation Gestures

Okay, moving on. The third one in the list is fluid navigation gestures. And I know a lot of people have been talking about it. Well, it’s totally worth it. Because it completely changes the way you navigate on your phone with a couple of gestures, it adds a lot more functionality to how you use your phone. And it is a lot faster as compared to navigation buttons.

There are more options within this application. So you can pretty much determine whether you want something on the left or right, or whether you wanted at the bottom, which I think is the most beneficial. And there is a long swipe action and a quick swipe action. And you can configure that with a lot of actions that are already available. But you can also do it for launching specific apps or specific shortcuts.

4. Reachability Cursor

Fluid Navigation Gestures

Coming to the next one, your phones are getting larger by the day, but your hands are not. And that makes, you know, using your phone very difficult using one hand and that’s when Reachability cursor comes into action, just a simple swipe from the left or the right, good, you know, get this cursor out that you can use and you can just tap on it to make a selection.

5. Assistant shortcuts

Assistant Shortcuts

And the last one in the list is a utility app. So basically  if you long press your smartphone home button , it’s supposed to launch Google now or something. But you can change that. And that’s what assistant shortcuts does.

So if you open the app, it gives you all of these options. And you can configure that if you long press your home button. What should open or do any specific action? or It could take a screenshot, it could just switch on your light, or it could toggle the rotation lock.
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