Top 10 Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind

The wild and wacky world of gadgets continues to produce thing that offers something new and amazing. In our increasingly technological world we are inundated with new gadgets, inventions and innovations almost every day. So let’s learn about some of these amazing inventions today.

I’m here with 10 cooling crazy gadgets that you should know about.

10. Phree

On number 10 we have Phree digital stylus that makes the world your paper you can use this device to write on anything or any surface around you. It will be the palm of your hand or the Wall of your room, you can literally use any surface and note down your ideas on it. Now your ideas are not only restricted to this screen, got an idea of write it down on any surface using feet and see it appear on the device connected to it. Phree uses Bluetooth to get itself connected to the device. And once connected, your display device is ready to show your ideas to present.

Phree is compatible with apps like office, one node, Evernote and move apart from being the right anywhere stylist. This device also allows you to receive important phone calls with just click. You can use it as a bluetooth headset for answering your phone calls.

9. Rock-It 3.0

On number nine we have Rock-It 3.0. It’s a gadget which can turn any surface into a speaker. The device generates vibrations, which resonates with the connected surface, thereby allowing the surface to produce the same vibration as of the sound and in turn, making the surface act as a speaker.

You can attach this device to your workplace table or an iron rod. This device will make all the connected surface to act like a speaker. So what are you waiting for? Grab your glass and let the party begin.

8. 360 Fly

On number eight, we have fly 360. But fly 360 never miss anything around you. It is a camera that allows you to enhance your recording capabilities by allowing you to record your surroundings in a 360 degree view. Life doesn’t just come at you straight on. Which is why fly 360 puts you at the center of the action while capturing the entire world all around you.

If you look at it, the device just looks like a regular camera. But when it comes to its functionality, it allows you to record videos 360 different angles in amazing 4k resolution. You can even use it for live streaming or adventures directly on the Facebook.

Apart from its amazing recording capabilities. It also comes with an application interface for both Android and iOS devices. The application allows you to edit your videos professionally before uploading them on different social media handles. And don’t you worry about its durability. The device is dust proof and shock proof. So if you’re going on an adventure trip are planning to attend tomorrow land concert don’t forget to take fly 360 along with you to capture the beautiful moments from all angles and hands free.

7. MYO Gesture Armband

On number seven we have MYO gesture armband. This MYO gesture armband lets you take control of your digital world from a distance ever wonder to make things happen with Just a flick of a wrist. Well now you can do that with bio armband.

This arm and register gesture made by your hand to perform various functions like acting as a controller for home automation or replacing the PowerPoint presentation remotes. You can even use it to interact with your video games or as a tool for controlling robotic devices and much more. This even supports many popular apps like Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, VLC, or even games like Fruit Ninja.

So now let me tell you how this gadget works. The Myo gesture armband uses the electrical signals sent by the brain when we perform a gesture with a hand. These electrical signals are measured by Myo armband using the proprietary EMT sensors to detect your gestures. Once detected, it transmits the information over a compatible Bluetooth connected device and performs the assigned function.

6. N-Tech Projector

Right on number six we have N-Tech Projector. N-Tech projector is a portable 4k projector. Just a few short years ago, we marveled at the release of the first 4k home theater projectors from Sony that carried a huge retail price of $26,000. Now flash forward to the year 2018. And we have the N-Tech wireless portable 4k projector that posts built-in surround sound speakers with Wi Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. And going at a remarkable price of just $1100.

This product has yet to be launched by the end of the year. And yeah, it is portable, as its name suggests. So it goes wherever you go. And it also supports a built in storage system. So now you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies anytime and anywhere you want.

5. Vertex

On number five, we have vertex. Vertex is a gadget which makes a world more tangible. Ever thought what would it be like to feel the heat of a flame thrower, or the ice chill of a freeze frame? Well, you don’t need to think anymore. Vertex is the world’s first 4D environmental simulator. It emulates the environmental cues to immerse players in a virtual environment enhancing the gaming experience. The idea is simple, it takes environmental effects like explosions, wins and gun fires and translate them into sensory feedback.

Now, one would wonder how it interprets the on screen visual effects to yield a 
stimulus. Well, basically, it treats the images on the screen and matches them to the sound files in real time. And based on those readings provides form of cool air just like a fan. Adding presence and tip to your gaming experience, immersing you in a game like never so make sure to wear your sweatpants next time you wish to play Call of Duty.

4. ULO

On number four, we have Ulo. “Ulo” a surveillance camera with interactive eyes, it is a home security camera that looks just like an owl. It has two cute and big eyes, which are actually the LCD display screens and have motion sensors in them and they will follow you wherever you go.

The camera is present in its nose, which records everything that it sees what makes you unique is the design and how interactive it can be. Along with the capabilities of securing your home. It includes 50 eye animations that can be customized by the app on your mobile phone better interaction. You can even customize how the eyes look and change their color.

Apart from the surveillance Ulo can also be used for watching the live feed or even clicking pictures using the app. It has such an interactive is that they will become drowsy when it’s low on battery indicating the need to charge. Similarly, the eyes will become sharp indicating that you Ulo is currently monitoring your steps. And any suspicious movement and your house won’t go unnoticed. And Ulo will immediately send a text alerting you.

So now you can leave your home at ease with Ulo.

3. Oxsight

On number three, we have Oxsight. The glasses that help you correct your vision to see you need more than just eyes. Even when you’re losing your sight, You still have a pretty good brain that’s trying to understand and pick up clues from objects that you see around. So Oxsight prism glasses that allows legally blind people to see again, using computer vision algorithms and cameras.

Oxsight glasses can increase the image contrast highlight specific visual features or even create cartoonist representations of reality depending on the eye conditions. They are being used to compensate for the enhanced the picture revealing the important details including the text. So with the help of these glasses, people can now deal with glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, and many other eye conditions, nothing better than the smile of a legally blind person, who can now see with the perfect version.

2. Emotional Radio
On number two, we have the solo emotional radio. Radio that tunes into your mood. Ever wanted someone to dedicate a song to you? Well, solo emotional radio is a radio as moody as you are, it automatically reads your facial cues to play music that suits your mood. It will play happy songs if you are happy and spirit lifting songs whenever you are feeling sad or tired.

It combines the facial feature recognition software with the Spotify music albums ratings, which attribute different moods to different musical tracks. It had a circular screen added center which takes a photo of the person standing in front of it. And since this image to a Microsoft program that analyzes facial features, this calculates an emotional breakdown with the values of happiness, sadness, and anger. And these all are the things that result in the song that will match your mood. So this is how our emotional buddy works.

Even though artificial intelligence might not be that intelligent yet, but it does show that we are emotionally connecting with machines in a way that we have never done before.

1. Jibo

Now on top of our list we have Jibo. Jibo is an AI based, social curious and a playful robot. Did you ever had a childhood fantasy of defending a robot? Well, I had that dream this cute little playful robot Jibo is not just an assistant board but a social companion too.

Jibo is a first step to something different and something bigger. It is meant to go beyond the utilitarian transaction like we all have with Alexa or Siri. It has a certain something that mostly all tech products are lacking in which is personality. It can recognize and remember your face and will automatically greet you if you work in near him. If you call him from across the room, It will rotate towards you to see what you are doing. And it can even get bored when you don’t talk to him for a long time. And sometimes it even further sounds like a cat when you rub its head and it can even do a dance definitely better than I do.

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