Samsung Galaxy A7 Quick Review

Samsung Galaxy A7

Samsung is jumping to the triple camera trend with the galaxy A7. But how does it perform? Let’s find out in our Samsung galaxy A7 Review.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Triple Camera
Let’s start with the cameras which are the key highlights of the smartphone. A7 comes with 3 cameras at the back which includes the 24 MP, an 8 MP ultra wide sensor and a 5 MP sensor for depth sensing. Considering the price of the smartphone I feel this is a very good camera and it does deliver some of the portrait shots that I managed to get with this are quite stunning and they look really nice, especially in bright daylight. It does manage good color reproduction as well.

However, there is one problem with the ultra wide angle mode, the photos do have a fish eye lens effect to them and it does look bit odd. Still keep in mind is this is only the only camera at this particular price point, which is going to give you three sensors at the back and offer ultra wide angle.

However, I did notice a lag when the camera was processing some of the images it would take an extra second or even longer for the final photo to show up.
Also in low light I seen this could be a much better camera but it really doesn’t deliver and all circumstances. In all the low light photos the details are definitely missing. Now I’m not saying that all low light photos on the phone are terrible, I just feel like Samsung could have done a lot more given that the “smartphone is all about the camera”.


Now let’s talk about the other aspects of the galaxy A7 and is set to the six inch infinity display. And for those of you who hate notches, Samsung gets you one.
Samsung Galaxy A7 doesn’t come with a notch and given this is a super Amoled display from Samsung, it is really good for video watching. Samsung knows how to make Amoled displays very well. And it doesn’t fail with this galaxy A7 either.


However, what I don’t like about the design of the galaxy A7 is that it is slippery and glossy. The glass back is prone to fingerprints smudges and I’d say you need to keep a cover to keep a strong grip on this device.

On another aspect of the galaxy A7 design is that the fingerprint sensor is now 
part of the power button itself. Samsung’s also move speaker the bottom which I felt was much more useful than I’ve seen on the other Samsung phones where the speaker will be on the side. Overall, it ensured a much better video watching experience.


Samsung Galaxy A7 runs Samsung’s own Exynos 7885 Octacore Processor. Now being multitasking, opening multiple tabs in Chrome, running games like asphalt 8, this phone has no pause for complaints. I would say the face unlock feature has also improved than what I’ve experienced on other midrange Samsung smartphones. It does work accurately and backlinks even works in the job. So there were times when it would not open, the fingerprint scanner on the power button is also very accurate. But I didn’t noticed a lag, especially when it came to the touch response of the smartphone.


Battery on the Galaxy A7 should easily last a day, even with heavy to moderate usage. In the PCmag test, Samsung galaxy A7 score the respectable seven hours plus. Which is not really great but not too bad either.

However, Samsung is still continuing with the micro USB port at the bottom which is really disappointed.
So the verdict for the Samsung Galaxy A7 is…

Considering it starts at 23,990 INR I would say it is a feature packed phone with a lot of positives. The performance is not a problem. The camera does deliver 
some new features which you might not find on other phones.

I say if you’re looking for a smartphone in the under 25,000 segment. The Galaxy A7 is a good fit
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