Humming Bird – Microsoft’s AI based Android NEWS App

Microsoft New News App Humming Bird
Humming Bird – Stories For You

Microsoft launches a new Android NEWS App named ‘Humming Bird’, this app is completely based on AI and it shows news stories depends on users interest. This App is only available on US region.

It is more likely that Microsoft modified its MSN news app which is still available on both IOS and Android platforms.

As I mentioned above it uses AI to curate stories and videos on the content that you might be interested in, You need to specify your interests on the start of App and it saves your interest and feed with content accordingly.

This app gives users to sign up / Sign in using Microsoft or LinkedIn accounts. Humming Bird App feed includes Entertainment, Politics, Technology, Food and Fashion etc., and it provides with a option of Like it, dislike it, read it later and share with social media.

Microsoft launches it very late because curated news apps already exist in the market like Google News, Apple News for IOS users, and even in current scenario Facebook and twitter feed also works on AI.

Microsoft said that it will be better with time as AI algorithm senses your particular interests and shows what you like and hide what you don’t like.

So this Microsoft Humming Bird is available only particular region US and for other than US region you can use APK Mirror to install by downloading APK.

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