Huawei matebook X Pro – Review

Huawei matebook X Pro

This is the Huawei matebook X Pro laptop that many consider as a close to Apple’s MacBook Pro. But for reasons I don’t understand, I’m not saying that they don’t have some resemblance, but this laptop is so much more than a clone.

The matebook X Pro is a gorgeous piece of machinery and have an aluminum build with machine finishes and bevel edges that just scream high quality regardless of where you look and have a spacious and backlit keyboard. That’s seriously a joy to type on, given its bouncy design. And it’s also splash proof for clumsy people like me.

At a large trackpad that’s really convenient for multi touch gestures with options for added gestures. If you want to add volume controls and music controls as well. And there’s even a crazy fast fingerprint scanner and better than the power button

Let’s get into specifications are 8th– generation Intel Core I7 processor,  NVIDIA GeForce mx150, 16 gigabytes of RAM, 512 gigabyte solid state drive and a 57.41 hour battery which Huawei claims to go up to 12 hours of video playback and I’ve tested it it is really good.

Yes, this is the maxed out version. But if you think of all the punch this machine has, for under 3000 $, I don’t think you’ll find the more powerful and compact combination out there.

Ports include USB – A on one side and a headphone jack, along with a thunderbolt three port taking up one of the two USB – C ports, and the USB – C type charger is seriously compact.

While talking about the display, 3K display that nearly kills the bezel at 91% screen to body ratio. It’s 3:2 aspect ratio with viewing angles covering 178 degrees. It goes as bright as 450 minutes and it is also touch sensitive.

The speakers on this thing are phenomenal. We have a quad speaker Ray that’s extremely loud, but they do support Dolby Atmos to the combination of the speakers and the screen are definitely great for content consumption. There are even four microphones to help you conference in even a faraway.

This computer runs Windows 10 signature edition. There’s pretty much just one Huawei application controlling the drivers and that’s it. Everything else is just as Microsoft intense meaning a very fast and fluid experience all around. It’s really convenient for productivity and the boots and just under eight seconds.

And there are three things about this computer that I don’t really like. The first is the auto brightness, which is extremely aggressive, like deactivated altogether if I were you. This is kind of sad as I do rely on this on competing products. But it’s really just a software update away hopefully.

The second is that it took me days to figure out why the radiator fans went crazy every now and then. It turns out that Windows was having a hard time living in the small 100 gigabyte partition that Huawei gave it out of the box.

Third, this trackpad is sensitive in things I don’t needed to be. It’s so large that it detects a ton of gestures. I didn’t intend something you won’t really struggle with the Olympic sized pool of a trackpad on the MacBook Pro. And then there’s the complete irony that even with the size of the trackpad, the left button has a very small area of sensitivity, which again, you don’t deal with another computers.

All in all, even with its minor list of downsides, I can’t lie. This is one of my favorite products of the year so far like to carry elegant, powerful and let them like to use for the most part.

This is the Huawei matebook X Pro as I said at the beginning a gorgeous piece of machinery.
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