How to Record / Make Slow Motion Video in Realme 2 Pro

How to Record Slow Motion Video in Realme 2 Pro

Opppo owned Realme 2 Pro comes with 16 MP+ 2 MP Dual cameras on its back similar to Realme 2. Primarily 16MP camera is used to focus the object and 2MP is used for depth detection.

When you normally open camera app in Realme 2 pro and switch to video mode,  It has features like Time lapse, HDR mode, Low Light mode etc., are available by default.

But Slow motion mode/setting is not available in those options in realme 2 pro. It’s pretty downside of realme 2 pro camera… Right?

Don’t worry Oppo’s  Realme 2 pro does not let you down in any feature. Here’s  I’m Going to tell you How to Record slow motion video in realme 2 pro.

You cannot directly record slow motion video using camera app. But here’s how to do that, To make a slow motion video you need to follow some steps. This can be achieved by just transforming normal video to slow motion video. You do not have to download any external apps to do this. 

-> First record any video that you want to view in slow motion, you can also choose already recorded video to be converted in slow motion.

-> Open Gallery app and choose the video that you want to view in slow motion. But don’t play it, Bottom of the interface there is a Edit option and click it.

After clicking edit option you will get options to slow the video or Fast the video like 1x, 1.5x, 2x, you can slow it upto 4x times.  And you can Fast it upto 2x times.

-> Save the video after setting the frame rate. It takes some time to render the video, Just wait to complete the process.

Enjoy the smooth slow motion video on Realme 2 pro.
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