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iPhone XR Tips and Tricks

Hi everyone In this post I’m covering some tips and tricks for the iPhone XR (Spoken as ‘Ten R’). And a lot of you guys obviously don’t have an iPhone X and iPhone XS or an iPhone XS max considering these phones are so similar. considering these are new designs and the iPhone X was really e`xpensive last year and the iPhone XR are actually got the price down to a reasonable $750.

I will be covering 10 Tips and Tricks of iphone XR and lot of this aimed at new users. Let’s get straight into it.

#Long press Space Bar

Users like I said in the beginning, although I do think even some experience iPhone X users could learn a thing or two by watching this video. So the first tip I have for you actually has to deal with a 3d Touch interaction that isn’t in the iPhone XR.

So if you know anything about the iPhone XR, you know that 3d Touch isn’t supported on it. It’s one of the features that the XS and XS max have and the iPhone XR doesn’t have.

But one of the most important features with 3d Touch for me is moving that cursor around while you are texting. So say you’re typing in an application and you want them to that cursor around, all you have to do instead of 3d touching the characters on the keyboard. Actually long press the spacebar, you’ll feel a haptic touch. And you’ll notice that a cursor pops up on the keyboard. And then you can get into your text selection tool, you can move around the insertion point and more accurately pick where your text is. So you wanted to go back and delete a specific character. You want it to go back and capitalize something at a comma or a period. Very easy way to actually just get that selection tool popped up. And it actually is on the iPhone XR, you just have to long press the spacebar.

#Haptic Touch

Okay. Another feature on the iPhone XR is haptic touch. Now, you might not exactly know what this feature is. If you’re coming from 3d touch, and you don’t have that feature anymore, you’re thinking, Okay, what is haptic touch? And there are a few instances where you can access these quick actions, most notably in control center.

If you swipe down, you’ll notice that you have all the control actions on the iPhone XR, all you have to do is long press into those control actions. You could see that you get some quick interactions which is very similar to 3d touch. It’s basically just a long press with haptic feedback.

And you can actually use this in a couple more location. Say you’re on the lock 
screen you’ll see a flashlight icon and a camera icon. Most new users to the iPhone XR will actually press on those and it does nothing but you want to do is long press those icons and you can actually turn on the flashlight and turn on the camera a really quick way to access both the camera and the flashlight just from the lock screen.

#Wide Angle Portrait Mode

But another tip on the iPhone XR is the fact that you can now do portrait mode with just a single lens on this camera. This is a feature a lot of you know about but what you might not notice is that you actually get a wide angle version of the portrait mode on the iPhone XR this isn’t available on the iPhone X or the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max or even on the iPhone seven and eight plus model.
So you might be asking yourself, well how is this necessarily a tip and that is that you can take advantage of this wide angle aperture, you actually can let more light into this single lens aperture than you can on the portrait mode on the iPhone XS, and that means you can actually get lower light portrait shots and wider angle portrait shots. So really take advantage of that if you have an iPhone XR, you get closer to a subject than you could with the iPhone XS Max, you can blur out more background you can get a wider angle of focus and you can also take some really nice night mode portrait shots with the iPhone XR.

#Tap to Wake the Screen

So another tip is one of the newer interactions with the iPhone XR that wasn’t available on any previous LCD iPhones ranging all the way back from the first iPhone, is the way you turn on the screen.

So if you’re used to an iPhone you know that you have the sleep wake side button and you can press that to turn on the screen. But you probably also used to having a home button if you’re coming from an iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 or an iPhone 8 and the iPhone X or does not have a home button.

So maybe you’re wondering, okay, how do I quickly turn on the screen. Fortunately the iPhone XR is the first LCD phone to support tap to wake for an iPhone XR. Just tap on the screen and it’ll actually turn on feature.

#Turn off Face ID

Now another trick for everyone out there is that face ID on the iPhone XR is probably new to you. So if you’re coming from those older iPhones, you’ve been used to touch ID and I have some really good tricks and tips for you for face ID.
The first one being is that face ID is more secure than Touch ID. But there also is a downside to it. Say you’re handing over your phone to someone that you don’t trust. Or maybe you’re handing your phone over to someone that you don’t want to have access to your phone. One of the disadvantages with face ID is that they could actually potentially take the phone and point at your face to unlock it.

So if someone asked for your phone, say you’re at a security checkpoint, if you’re going traveling somewhere and you don’t want anyone to see any sort of information of your phone all you have to do is hold the sleep wake button and the volume up and down button and that will actually lock the phone and when you lock the phone like that you’ll see an emergency area where you can actually call for help or send an SOS out but it will also disable face ID on the phone they have someone trying to steal your phone from you trying to take it from you, all you have to do is just quickly hold those two buttons down it’ll immediately disable face ID and require you to enter a pass code.

so if you’re handing your phone over to someone if they want to take a look at it and you don’t really trust them you think they might unlock it just quickly lock that phone down and you’ll be more secure now another benefit to having face ID on the iPhone is something that is called attention aware features so with the iPhone XR

You can actually go into the Settings, Scroll down to face ID and pass codes make sure you enter in your pass code and then from there you can actually go down and you can see that you have a slider for a Attention aware feature.
So what the attention aware feature does is actually have face ID to see if you are looking at your device or not and if it knows you’re looking at your device you can actually do some pretty cool things like it won’t dim the brightness of the screen.

Looking at the screen, it won’t preemptively dim the phone. And vice-versa. If you look away from your phone, it’ll actually dim the screen faster.
So hope you guys find some interesting features out here.
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