Top 10 Jobs Of The Future – Evolution Of Tech Job Roles Due To Artificial Intelligence

I shall present the top 10 job opportunities that will own the future. So let’s go ahead and begin with the countdown. 10. Inventory Management At number ten we have inventory management. So what does inventory management involved? It refers to the process of ordering, storing and using accompanies and mentoring. Inventory Management automation is a growing trend manual entry

Samsung Galaxy Watch First Look: Galaxy Watch Features, Samsung Galaxy Watch Price in India

Samsung Galaxy Watch Samsung has just launched its new Galaxy Watch, in which 46 mm variant would costs 29,990 INR and the smaller 42 mm version is available for the of price of 24,990 INR. Let’s take a look at the top features Samsung Galaxy Watch has rotatable round dial and the company has included more than 60,000 watch faces

Amazon is Planning to Open its Second Headquarters

Source: Google The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon plans to split its second headquarters evenly between two locations rather than picking one city. The decision is reportedly to allow Amazon to recruit more of the best tech talents and will also ease potential issues with housing and transportation. Under the new plan Amazon would reportedly split the workforce with

Samsung unveils its First Foldable Smartphone as FlexPai

Samsung has been beaten to the launch of a flexible/foldable phone name as FlexPai. Samsung just launched the Flexpai Smartphone as – android/phone tablet with a flexible display that folds in half. Samsung FlexPai – Foldable Smartphone The FlexPai when I’m folded have a 7.8-inch screen with a resolution of    1920 x 1440. This device comes with a flexible