Best Xiaomi Mi A2 Camera Features, Tips and Tricks

Best Xiaomi Mi A2 Camera Features, Tips and Tricks
Xiaomi recently launched Mi A2 model and good thing about it is its camera, today I’m sharing Mi A2 Camera Features, Tips and Tricks with you.

By reading to the end of this post you will get to know some useful Mi A2 Camera settings, features, tips and tricks.

Before starting with Xiaomi Mi A2 Camera Features, Tips and Tricks. I would like to tell you about the specifications of this Mi A2 camera. The Dual camera of Mi A2 has packed with 20MP + 2MP on the back and it comes with a LED flash. The front camera comes with 20MP and it is the best budget smartphone with these camera specifications.

So let’s get started with Xiaomi Mi A2 Camera Features, Tips and Tricks.

Mi A2 runs on the stock android OS (Android One), but Xiaomi installed some extra features in its camera that I’m going to discuss in this post

# Camera Modes

So the first camera feature of Mi A2 is changing camera modes, with Mi A2 Camera when you shoot in Auto mode especially in Low light conditions, the Night lens or secondary camera lens is not automatically selected, that’s where the Manual mode 
comes in play.

By using the manual Camera mode you can able to adjust so many parameters like the white balance, ISO, Shutter speed. There is an option called Lens and select the Night mode lens, then you will surely notice the difference when you take pictures in low light conditions.

# Highlight Content

The one feature I like with the Xiaomi Mi A2 camera is that lets you adjust the contrast, saturation, and sharpness while taking photos.

# Save Previous Mode

If you love taking photos then you might be using many modes like portrait, HDR, Normal etc,. But when you close your camera app these settings you done, modes you used all will be lost.

But not with the case of Mi A2 camera there is a option called Save Previous mode and it will saves the settings when you are closing the camera app and resumes its camera setting when you open it again.

To do so Open Camera app >> Settings >> Enable Save Previous mode.

# Auto HDR

With Auto HDR camera feature in Mi A2, it automatically detects the scene and it suggest you that HDR mode is needed’. The automatic HDR feature of the rear camera is great and there is same option available for the front camera as well.

If you are a selfie lover I will suggest you to use this mode so that, it can capture the background perfectly.

# Realtime Filters

Next Camera  feature of Mi A2 is Realtime filters, If you want to take some Black and white photos directly using with the camera, you can do that by simply applying some realtime filters.

The setting to enable realtime filters is available through the 3 circle icon >>  Select Realtime filters.

# Beauty mode

Now with the beauty mode feature on the front camera you can beautify your selfies and with the advanced features like slender, Big eyes, Tone and Smooth.
By selecting these settings you can totally change your facial expressions.

# Shutter Button To focus

There is camera trick you can do with Mi A2 is to use the Shutter button as a Focus button.

If you have a experience of taking photos with DSLR, you may have noticed that when we press the shutter button to half it automatically focuses and shoots the picture and the same case with the Xiaomi Mi A2 camera.

#Peak On

You will get a feature called ‘peak on’ and when you enable this feature, it detects low lighting and displays a reddish area where the lighting is not enough in the scene when you are taking pictures.

It simply suggests you to change the angle of your device for optimized lighting conditions for better photos

When you are near the subject you can use the shutter button to focus, and the the focus is right just release it and it will capture the shot automatically.

These are the cool Xiaomi Mi A2 Camera Features, Tricks and tips that helps you to boost you photography skills.
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