6 Best Android Apps for Video Editing

What’s up guys, as a video creator myself, I get a lot of questions on how you can edit videos on your phone?  What are the best video editing apps for your android phone and all that jazz.

On that context, I went on a quest to go ahead and look for some amazing video editing apps for android that you can use on your phone itself. Without any further delay let’s get started with Best Android Apps for Video Editing.

Best Android Apps for Video Editing

1. FilmoraGo


So first up, we have an app called FilmoraGo and this app would be the most basic and easy place to start. Now the app is free for the most part, No watermarks whatsoever or a time limit on the edits that you make, which is always a plus when you’re making videos for YouTube.

They have the basic video editing tools like adding transitions, music or voice-over recording abilities, as well as an online library to find out various tracks for audio in your videos.

They also have various aspect ratios either for Instagram or YouTube that is 16:9 or 1:1 for easier editing depending on which platform you’re going to upload that content to. All of that, combined with the various Themes and overlays which they have inbuilt, makes this one of the most solid video editors for android mobile devices where you can complete any project that you want, as long as it’s not extremely professional.

2. Adobe Premiere clip

Okay, guys you probably expected this one but it deserves a spot in this Android apps for video editing list, that is Adobe Premiere clip and it is a really useful self intuitive app. It’s really great for both beginners and people with more experience in editing video you can do all the basics like adjusting the speed of your video, adding music, rearranging your clips, adjusting the duration and you can edit your project and preform mode to get even more customization.

You can even adjust the speed of your clip or duplicate it, if you want to. This app also gives you a lot of filters to choose from as well. You can set really nice custom settings  like having your clips fade out from black or adding a custom watermark to your video. And if the app just isn’t doing it for you, you can upload your project directly to premiere.

3. Quik

First up on our list is Quik, like the name implies it is a very simple easy to use and quick android video editing app. You start by importing your clips, typing in a Quik title and then it combines your clips and photos and sort of a slideshow fashion.

You have a lot of themes to pick from and it comes with a lot of music options as well. You can choose if you want portrait, landscape or square video, you can adjust the duration of your clips and audio and there’s plenty of filters for you to choose from.

Once you’re done editing your video, you can save it directly to your phone or upload it straight to Instagram stories.

4. Power Director

The next app on our list is Power Director, it is easy to use, you can put clips, pictures, whatever you want directly on the timeline, there’s a bunch of cool things you can adjust in the settings like snapping clips to timeline that can be super useful or annoying, depending on what kind of person you are.

My favorite thing about this app though is that it has a built in audio mixer. This is great if you’re like me, and like to make your background music way louder than your voice-over. It comes with a bunch of stickers so you can remind your audience to like and subscribe. You can add your own text, filters and other video effects.

5. Funimate

The next app on our list is a little bit different. It’s called Funimate. This one’s really fun to use, you get a handful of different things to edit your video, you can put in custom text stickers, adjust the size, color.

The premise here is that you can animate everything on your video and the app will record that for you so you can make some really fun, crazy videos. This app is great one if you want an easy way to make something really different.

6. KineMaster


And today’s list of android apps for video editing, we have an video editor whose name you might have heard and it is one of the most professional video editing app for mobile devices and this is KineMaster video editor and it is one of the most feature rich editor on this list. It allows everything from precise trimming to multiple tracks to edit transitions of various sorts including a few – 3D, zoom in, zoom out its color grading and lot options much more.

Now the only drawback here is that KineMaster – Pro Video Editor is a subscription based editor like most professional ones . So to use it to its fullest potential you’ll have to pay or you can take the trial version forever and get a watermark if you use it on a free trial basis.

So that’s all guys these are the 6 Best Android Apps for Video Editing, if you found any android app that are useful for YouTubers please feel free to comment below and let me know.    

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