8 Best Android Apps For YouTubers Must have

android apps for youtubers

Most people in this world are YouTubers but not all the YouTubers are using all the resources to make their channel Grow. And while talking about making YouTube Videos, it involves a lot of process like Creating Thumbnails, Video editing, Adding tags etc,.

In this post I’m going to provide list of 8 Best Android apps for YouTubers to help run your channel and make content and grow to become your Own Boss.

These Android apps for YouTubers help you to create content on the go, Creators can able to create thumbnails, participate in communities, edit their videos.

Android Apps for YouTubers

1. YouTube Creator Studio

Like the YouTube App for users likewise YouTube Creator Studio App for YouTube Creators. From this android app you can able to change Title, Description, Tags, Adding Thumbnails and enable Monetization of videos. Features include in this android app are


  • View your analytics of your channel
  • Reply to Comments
  • Check the Performance of Videos

2. Pixel Lab

This is an awesome android app for YouTubers to design channel art and video thumbnails on your phone. This app has a lot of features like creating custom sized thumbnails in any resolution.


  • Add 3D text to your images
  • Add Beautiful stickers
  • Remove Background of the image
  • Lot of Predefined Presets
  • In built textures Backgrounds
  • Hand Drawing
  • Creating masks
  • Save as a Project file

3. Du Screen Recorder

If you are making tutorials with your phone sometimes you need to capture your phone screen to make the video understandable. So this  Du Screen Recorder app is free and high quality screen recorder for android that helps you record smooth and clear screen videos.


  • Screen Recording
  • Video editor
  • Live creator
  • Screenshots and image editing

4. Animated Text

It is an Animated Text app where you can overlay colorful background images with text animation. You can able to change the background color and text color with color wheel easily.


  • Amazing Text animation styles
  • Save it as a Video or Animated GIF
  • Share your work with social media

5. Streamlabs

This android app is dedicated to those who broadcasts live YouTube stream videos, with the help of this app you can broadcast directly to Twitch or YouTube. No matter where you are right now you can stream from anywhere you want with the Streamlabs Mobile App.


  • Stream from your Phone camera
  • Stream Mobile Games from your phone
  • Customize your stream with Pre-installed widgets
  • Remote Control

6. KineMaster – Pro Video Editor

KineMaster Pro editor is full featured professional video editor app for android that YouTubers love to use as it supports multiple layers of video, images and text as well as cutting and trimming of video, Upload multi track audio, 3D transitions and more. This is must have Android app for YouTubers for those who edit their videos on their smartphone.


  • Video Transition effects
  • Speed Control of video files
  • Animation styles
  • Add Blur to videos
  • Preview of all video edits
  • Frame by frame trimming
  • Collection of themes, animations, and visual and audio effects.

7. Tag You

This is more likely an Android tool for YouTubers to boost rankings of videos, it mainly focuses on optimizing tags of videos. By help of this app you can find tags of any videos present on the YouTube, find relevant tags to our videos and optimize your video tags to get more views.

When you search a query it will show top 5 line tags that are trending on YouTube and helps you to optimize your videos with resulted keywords.

8. Adsense

If you are an adsense publisher and connected to your YouTube Channel then it’s time to install Adsense mobile app. By this app you can easily view Page views, CPC, Page RPM and total earnings of your YouTube channel.

So that’s all guys these are the 8 Best Android Apps for YouTubers Must have, if you found any android app that are useful for YouTubers please feel free to comment below and let me know.    

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