18 Realme 2 Pro Tips & Tricks and Hidden features

Realme 2 Pro Tips & Tricks and Hidden features
In this Post I’m going to share Hidden features of Realme 2 Pro and unique Tips and Tricks you can do with Realme 2 Pro.

I have listed 18 tips and tricks of Realme 2 Pro that might be useful for you in every aspect of your daily life.

18 Realme 2 Pro Tips & Tricks and Hidden features  

#Search Bar

First Tip and Trick in Realme 2 Pro is to open search, to open it just scroll down from top to bottom with your finger it automatically pop ups. You can able to search any apps within your Realme 2 Pro device and even messages, google search etc.,

#Smart Scan

Next Hidden Feature in Realme 2 Pro is smart scan, this feature enables scanning of any written document or visiting cards.

This smart feature lets you save the details like Address, email, phone number present on the visiting card directly to contacts by simply scanning the card .

To access this feature in Realme 2 Pro, Just swipe left side of Home screen, smart assistant interface -> Top right corner -> Smart scan.

#Switch Off Smart Assistant

To switch off your smart assistant from your home screen, Go to Settings -> Smart and Convenient -> Smart Assistant -> Turn the toggle off.

#To Access Widgets

If you want to customize your home screen with widgets and make your realme 2 pro device beautiful look. To access widgets just Zoom-in with 2 fingers on your home screen, You can also change transition effects of your home screen.

#Smart scan Application

This smart scan app feature helps you to translate to any language by just scanning with camera lens. To do this just place any text document below the camera and let it focus and you can see it being translated to your chosen language.

#Disable Notch

Generally if you are viewing any video or playing any game, notch area remains black in some apps and does not look well. If you want to disable the notch completely or in any particular application follow these steps.

Go to Settings -> Display & Brightness -> App Display in Full-Screen -> Notch Area Display Control Feature -> you can disable any app of your choice.

#Smart Sidebar

To view this smart sidebar just swipe left or right from edge of your home screen, you can also change its position by Just hold and drag it your desired position.

In smart sidebar you will get features like normal settings and you can also choose your custom apps to be shown on your smart sidebar.
If you face launching smart sidebar, In that case it might be disabled. To enable this feature -> Go to Settings -> Smart & Convenient -> Enable the smart sidebar.

#Screen Recording

To record your Realme 2 Pro screen you don’t need to install any third party application. 

This Screen Recording Feature is in-built in realme 2 pro device. To open screen recorder just scroll down your notification drawer you can see this feature screen recorder icon.

You can also change the video recording quality by changing recording quality resolution in settings.

#Battery Percentage

By default battery percentage is not shown in the battery icon, to enable battery percentage -> go to settings -> Battery -> Enable the Show battery percentage.

#Lost your Device

If you in case lost your Realme 2 Pro device, you can remotely search your device. To do so you need to enable some features, just Go to settings -> Security -> Enable Find My Device.

To find your device just visit www.android.com/find you can able to track your device.

#In-Built App Lock 
In Realme 2 Pro you can get built-in app lock feature, you can lock any application installed in your device. For unlocking options you can use password or fingerprint or face detection.

#Kids Space

You know that when we give our device to kids they just go through everything on the phone and there is chance that you might lose your data by false touches.

But with Realme 2 pro hidden feature called Kids space, you can enable this feature in settings. It show only selected apps to show on the home screen and any one cannot access any other apps other than selected ones if it is turned on.

To exit from the kids space you need enter your passcode or fingerprint.

#Protect Your Personal Information

This feature enables not to provide or track any personal information by installed apps. You can protect call history, contacts, messages, and events in this feature. And any application cannot able to access any data from your phone.

#Turn on Screen

This feature helps to turn on the screen when we raise the phone. For example If you place your Realme 2 Pro device on table, when you lift your phone it automatically wakes up the screen.

To enable this feature Go to settings -> Smart and Convenient -> Gesture and Motion -> Enable the Turn on Screen.

#Take Screenshot

If take screenshot frequently, then pressing the lock button and volume buttons is a task, but in Realme 2 Pro there is a feature called 3 Finger Screenshot, by this you can take screenshots with simple gestures by just swiping down with three fingers.

To enable this feature just Go to settings -> Smart and Convenient -> Gesture and Motion -> Enable 3 Finger Screenshot.

#Long Screenshot

If you want to take long screen shots, take screenshot first and It will open interface and there will be option ‘Long Screenshot’, click it and then scroll down the image till you want to take screenshot.

#Game Space

If you are a PUBG player, then playing in Realme 2 pro game space gives you better gaming experience. This feature enhances brightness, accelerates graphics and blocks all the notifications and do not disturb you while you are in game.

#Quiet Time

There is a feature called quiet time, It silences all the notifications, calls, messages etc., you need to enable manually in the settings. You can schedule it to certain timings and it will activate automatically in that scheduled timings.

By enabling this feature you will not disturbed by any notifications.

So these are all the Realme 2 Pro Tips and tricks, Hidden features, I hope you find out any interesting feature or tip. If you found any other new hidden feature or trick in your Realme 2 pro feel free to comment and share with me.
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