12 Best Camera Apps for Xiaomi Mi A2


The world we are living today is everyone having smartphones and the best thing about the phone is camera, most people choose particular model because of it’s camera and its specifications.

But the camera app that is installed in the device do its work to take photos and there are many best camera apps for android are available in Google play store to enhance your photography skills and gives the best kind of photo from your device.
Xiaomi Mi A2 camera app (Pre-installed) gives its shot, but if you want to increase the quality, and to add more effects to your snaps and add some quality of the photo a little further. If you want to get best out of your Xiaomi Mi A2 camera then you have to install third party apps.
If you are looking for the best camera apps for Xiaomi Mi A2 or any of your Xiaomi device runs on MiUi, you landed to the right page. So without further delay let’s look in to Best Camera Apps for Xiaomi Mi A2.

12 Best Camera Apps for Xiaomi Mi A2

1. Camera FV – 5 Lite
Camera FV – 5
If you want your Xiaomi Mi camera to be like DSLR camera, probably Camera FV-5 Lite is the best camera app for Mi A2. This app gives exposure of adjusting settings like ISO, light-metering focus, white balance, shutter speed, etc.
It comes with a very simple and convenient user interface and very easy to handle while you are taking shots with your Mi A2 Camera. And it comes with a free and Pro versions (Camera FV – 5).
Overall camera FV-5 app is very useful and best camera app for xiaomi Mi A2.
2. Proshot
Proshot camera app is packed with full of features to take better pictures with your Mi A2 camera, it comes with features like one finger zooming, Adjustable Image qualities, Change camera Resolution etc.,
If you want lightweight best camera app for Xiaomi A2 probably it is the best one for your device. Free version of this app is not yet available in Play store.
Next on our list is VSCO Cam, If you want to take your photography to the next level, this one suits for you, it comes with features like Advanced filmy presets, Transform video with mobile editing, and new tricks and techniques.
The pre-made filters make your image so real and enhances the quality of the image, all in all it has some worthful skills.
4. Manual Camera
Manual Camera
Next on our list is Manual camera, the good thing about this app is you will get DSLR camera like settings are featured in this camera app and you are able to set exposure manually, if your lighting conditions are not good then you can adjust ISO and adjusting focusand lot more features in this app.
By installing this app you will get DSLR like camera in your Mi A 2, give it a try you will definitely like this app guys.
>>Click here to get it on Google Play Store<<
5. Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro
Next best camera for Mi A2 is on the list is Filmic Pro, This is a video camera app for Mi A2.This app is useful for to make cinematic professional looking videos, you will definitely need this if you are going to make professional looking videos.
The important feature in this camera app is if you are shooting videos with this, you can shift focus from one object to another object by just tapping on the object and even you can lock the focus on the particular object as well.
In this app you can set video frame rate, slow and fast motion effect, time lapse, it is good camera app for Mi A2.
6. Selfissimo
Next one is Selfissimo, it is a automatic best selfie camera app for Xiaomi Mi A2. In this app it takes selfies automatically by just giving pose to camera and you don’t need to press any button to take a snap.
This is the first one in the Google play store featuring automatic sefie taker camera app officially launched by google.
The one thing I did not like about this app is it will take selfies only in black and white only, I hope google will soon update this app with more features.
7. Camera MX
Camera MX
Moving on to the next best camera app for Xiaomi Mi A2 is Camera MX, it is the updated version of the google pixel 2 camera features.
You can take portrait shots like Pixel 2 and comes with AR stickers, HDR+ image processing which increases the quality of photos and it will only runs with Android Oreo OS.
8. Motion Stills
Motion Stills 
Next on our camera app for Mi A2 is Motion Stills, if you want to make a funny still video then this camera app is very useful and it is very different from the normal camera app.
By help of this app you can make good stabilizing fast forward videos, loop videos and save them to gif and video formats and you can directly share with social media also.
9. Retrica
Nowadays most people are likely to use filter camera apps and this one is for those camera app lovers, Retrica is packed with real time filters and you can change them by just swiping the camera screen. If you take a shot with this camera app you don’t need to edit the photo anymore.
This camera app has almost got all the filters and install this app on your phone and try them out.
10. Shotlight
This Camera app shotlihgt is recently launched In Play store, This app is a simple camera app and it got features like Zoom option, Manual Controls, Shutter speed (Changes need when you are taking shots in motion), and video mode also.
It reveals all possibilities of your camera using manual settings, it also works with iBlazr LED flash. By using this app you can take your selfies to the next level.
11. Fabby
Next Camera app for Mi A2 is Fabby, this is a pretty amazing app that helps you get Bokeh mode and background blur. It uses AI technology and then applies the background blur, the best part is that you can actually control the amount of blurriness to the photo.
This camera app you are certainly likely to have in your phone.
12. Bacon Camera
Next on our list comes with a quiet different name Bacon Camera, and it comes with a lot of DSLR like features , Manual controls. If you have a DSLR camera experience then you may feel this camera app very interesting.
It has severalmodes like HDR, Panaroma, Timer but the unique feature is that it lets you save RAW photos and it do save them in RAW file even if your phone does not support them.
So these are the Best camera apps for Xiaomi A2, but these I mentioned in the list are also support for All the xiaomi devices runs with MiUi.
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