10 Reasons to consider to Buy iPhone XR Over iPhone XS

In this piece of article we’re going to look at the top 10 reasons why you should buy the iPhone XR over the iPhone XS.

So let’s get started…
iPhone XR Over iPhone XS

First reason is price of the phone that comes with a price of 750$. The biggest reasons to consider the iPhone XR is its price. The iPhone XR costs about 250$ less than the iPhone XS and it’s almost identical looks and has similar specifications and features as the iPhone XS.
So unlike last year the iPhone 10 was way too different from the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 was almost like the previous phones and have the same design but this year you get an option to experience the iPhone X features for a cheaper price.


The iPhone XR available in more colors than the iPhone XS. The iPhone XS and XS max comes in only three color options silver, space gray and the new gold color.

The iPhone XR comes in six different colors white, black, blue, yellow coral and that sexy red color as well.


Reason number three is iPhone XR comes with the same processor as the iPhone XS well, logically we will think that an iPhone which costs about 250 dollar less than the new iPhone XS would be a cut down version of the iPhone XS which won’t have a face ID feature or might miss a bezel less display and comes with an older processor like the A11 bionic chip from the last year’s iPhone X just like what Apple did with the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are announced at the same time but the iPhone 5S had  A7 chip while the iPhone 5C had Apple A6 chip. Surprisingly it didn’t happen this time with iPhone XR and iPhone XS.

The iPhone XR does come with a bezel display and a face ID and also only phones are powered by the same A12 bionic chip.


iPhone XR has a larger screen than the iPhone XS. You get a 6.1 inch screen for 750 dollar as compared to the 5.8 inch screen on the iPhone XS for $1,000. Also the iPhone XR has the largest LCD ever on an iPhone. Though the display of the iPhone XR isn’t an older compared to the XS. However the XR comes with a liquid Retina display which is most advanced LCD in the industry.


Reason number five iPhone XR has the same camera specifications as the iPhone XS. The iPhone XS, XS max and the XR all features the same seven megapixel camera on the front with the same true depth camera system for the face ID they also come with the same front camera features like the portrait mode with advanced Bokeh mode and depth control 1080p recording support, smart HDR and many more supports as well.


Reason number six iPhone XR has a similar rear camera system as the iPhone XS. The iPhone XR, XS and XS max all feature the same 12 megapixel wide angle lens and have same features like optical image stabilization. Smart HDR portrait mode features like advanced Bokeh and control.

The only thing that the iPhone XR lacks is the secondary telephoto lens, which means that it can only achieve three times digital zoom while the iPhone XS and XS max can achieve two times optical zoom and then a six time digital zoom on top of that. So unless you’re using the zoom feature a lot the iPhone XR will provide the same camera experience at the iPhone XS


Reason number seven iPhone XR has better battery life than the iPhone XS. iPhone XS battery lasts about 12.5 to 13.5 hours while iPhone XS max battery lasts about 13.5 to 15 hours. While the iPhone XR battery is even better the iPhone XS battery and should last for anywhere between 15.5 to 16.5 hours which is 19 minutes longer than the last year’s iPhone 8 Plus.


Reason number eight iPhone XR has the same dual sim system as the iPhone XS and XS max. These are the first iPhone to support dual sim which lets people hold one single Nano SIM card in their phone as well as an electronic SIM card.


Reason number nine the iPhone XR comes with a different and a better software but it does come with a guarantee though not an official one but it’s quite obvious the iPhone XR was announced at the same time as the iPhone XS and features almost the same hardware except for the display.


Reason number ten back design… well the reason is highly subjective and this is just my opinion and you may have a total different opinion about it. But I’m being honest and I want to say that the iPhone XS and XS max looks really ugly from the back. I really hate the vertical camera design of the iPhone 10.

If not good I really like the way the iPhone seven looked from the back and all that camera design I’m not saying that I hate vertical camera setup just look at the OnePlus 6 back it looks fine.

So guys that’s all 10 reasons why you should choose the iPhone XR over the iPhone XS.
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